Deep Unwind


Muscle relaxing, tension relieving, deeply restorative bath soak

The best way to absorb magnesium is through the skin, not through the gut, have a salt soak to relax your muscles, calm you’re nervous system, boost your energy and soothe your skin.

Magnesium is often the element we are most missing in our bodies, it is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and critical to hundreds of biochemical reactions. Signs of magnesium deficiency are sluggish bowel motion, tension head aces, muscle spasms and cramps, heart racing, unable to concentrate, nervousness and anxiety.

My unique blend of massage techniques and Physiokey Therapy allows me to go deeper into the muscle where conventional massage therapy cannot reach. the result is  a deeper release of tension from emotional stress and chronic pain. I have found that, in conjunction with my massage, the deep unwind of stress, and anxiety that builds up in the muscles needs to continue after the massage, so I have developed a mineral salt soak to take home and sink into 


      Deep tissue massage therapy

  • releases mental stress
  • adresses chronic pain
  • builds resilience
  • is the journey to well being

Deep Unwind

Physical release of mental stress

Mental anxiety and stress ends up trapped in the body. To relieve this build up, I release the tension trapped within the muscles. This deep massage results in not just physical release but mind clarity. In this treatment I invite the patient to enter a meditative state. then use deep tissue massage and key therapy tailored specifically to how your body responds to stress. As we work to relieve and release the stress, the mind will also relax achieving not just relief but a true sense of calm. The experience is enhanced by the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Deep Remedy

Chronic and acute pain relief - drug free

A drug free treatment and approach that diagnoses and addresses the issue of chronic and acute pain at source. Prescribed by health professionals, this is the pathway for those on a drug free wellbeing journey to diminish chronic and acute pain issues.

Deep Preparation

A massage designed to prepare you for mental or physical challenges

A bespoke massage treatment regime created for people training to achieve physical or mental peak performance. The Deep Preparation responsively unlocks your potential, strengthens mental clarity and releases physical blockages to support you in realizing the very best version of yourself.


I run a tyre business that demands a lot from me physically as well as the stresses of running a business. Georgie's Deep Preparation is part of my weekly routine to keep me on top of my life.
Business Owner
In 1974 I received 8 mercury fillings that began to slowly poison my body, resulting in chronic fatigue. Georgie developed a therapy using deep tissue massage and key therapy that has enabled me to return to an active lifestyle and I could let go of the need for medication and multiple doctors.
I spend many hours in from of the computer designing and editing video. My physical inactivity actually hampers my mental clarity and ability to maintain creativity. Gerogie's deep unwind brings back the creative spark. It is a mental refresh as much as a physical relief.