Frequently Asked questions

Remedial & Sports massage

Our expert massage therapist, Georgie, will greet you and spend some time learning about you, as well as understanding your needs and tailoring our treatment specifically for you.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to find the clinic on the day of your session to avoid feeling stressed or flustered upon arrival. Try and avoid eating just before a session, and minimise your fluid intake.

Georgie will explain prior to your session that treatments are about staying focused on your breath and connecting to yourself, however if talking makes you feel comfortable, then we do encourage it.

Yes, it is recommended you book at least three sessions in with Georgie on a weekly or fortnightly basis to begin with, she will then advise you on what she recommends after your first few sessions.

If your doctor has given the all clear and recommend massage therapy as a means of assisting your healing journey, then yes, we will offer you treatment. However we may modify treatment based on your surgery.

Pregnancy massages relax the tension in your body, reducing aches and pains in muscles and joints. This improves your mood and comfort. Allowing you to sleep better during your pregnancy. Georgie is a trained pregnancy massage practitioner; she avoids using tables with holes for your belly as this can increase strain on ligaments and increase back pain. We also know that lying flat on your back can cause pressure on your uterus and force the baby to press on the major vein in your back, causing low blood pressure as well as decreasing circulation to you and your baby. A nourishing, relaxing massage is just as possible while you are lying on your side, allowing your spine and muscles to release tension.

In regards to offering pregnancy massages during all three trimesters, yes, we do. As stated, Georgie is a trained pregnancy massage practitioner and is able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding pregnancy massages.

We advise you to not partake in any strenuous exercise for at least 14 hours following one of your sessions.